Life is a search for beauty and truth, and when you have found one, you have already found the other. 

I am an artist that envisions a world with more intentional conversations, authentic compassion, and a deeper realization that each one of us exists for a unique and equally beautiful purpose. I believe that every life matters. 

My goal as a creative agent is to impart wisdom in the world through the individual voices I encounter along my journey, to advocate for the vulnerable and forgotten members of our society, and to promote positive change through creative delivery of specific ideas and inspiration. 

This year I am serving as a MissionCorps member at Maggie's Place, a network of maternity homes for pregnant and parenting women. These homes of hospitality offer ongoing support to help these women reach their goals in an environment of love and dignity. 

Currently based in Phoenix, AZ.  | Please email me for collaboration and inquiries. 

Email : Jana.Marie.Zuniga@gmail.com | Instagram : thejanuaryjane_