These black and white photos were created in the dark room in the fall of 2015. These portraits are meant to evoke a conversation about human dignity. Regardless of your race, age, gender, or perceived ability. Regardless of your mistakes, achievements, role in society, or capabilities. All of us are created equal, worthy of love, and deserving of respect. 

Participants were asked to choose a word that they believed applied to ALL HUMANS. This group of individuals represents the diversity of our human race, ranging from a priest from Tanzania, a man with autism, a student from India, and a woman battling parkinson's disease. These descriptions DO NOT define who they are, yet society often uses these frameworks to define them. This series is meant to highlight our sameness, beyond the way we that others define us. Each word has a distinctive connection to the individual who chose it, yet it describes all of us. We are all connected to each other, equal in worth and created for a purpose.